Bibliographies and Filmographies of Sound in Cinema:

This is a collection of literature and cinema that concern the art and craft of sound in cinema, carefully selected by students from MFA Film Production at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. They represent what we consider the best on the subject of Sound in Cinema, and are presented here to the public for enlightenment and inspiration.

You may become a member of this wiki, and gain permission to add your own page with your own entries. Please do take into account that all our list are purposefully condensed to essential texts on this subject - especially the "Essential reads", which we wish to keep absolutely concise - and please adhere to the MLA citation style used in all our bibliographies. Your bibliography entries should also ideally be accompanied by a short description of a couple of lines (good ones can be found on, along with the information you need to complete an entry, such as publisher and year). If you feel in an exceptionally good mood, you might even link the title of bibliography entries to a corresponding page in, or another pertinent site.

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MFA Film Production Class of 2010 & Marielle Nitoslawska, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

March 26, 2009